Crystal Township

Your Crystal Township Board


The Crystal Township  Board,
Either elected or appointed, 
Serves all township residents.

Those served include: Those who have lived in Crystal Township since birth and have long family history in the area and those who have newly arrived with no local family ties; Those who hold hundreds of acres of land and those who have no land; Those who are comfortable and financially secure and those who are in need.
In short all residents, no matter what their standing or situation, are served by this board.
The board encourages all residents to attend the monthly Township Meetings held on the third Monday of every month.

Township Staff

Township Supervisor: Connelly Bowling

Township Clerk: Pat Amstutz   

Township Treasurer: Tanya Gibson 

Township Trustees: Gaye Sorenson, Ron Amstutz

Assessor: Jared Litwiller     Fire Chief: Al Purdy

Zoning Administrator: Ron Smith

Transfer Station Supervisor: Larry Frishet